Episode One: My Thoughts

A new season, and with that comes a renewed vigour to actually recap all the episodes of Amazing Race 12. I’ll do my best to keep up!

But first, an open letter to CBS, Bert, and Elise:

Okay guys, it’s a little mean of y’all to put the first lesbian couple on the show, and it’s not me. But apparently when you were playing AR Mad-Libs you came up with [adjective] middle aged [plural noun] lesbians [occupation] minister. As I only qualify as one of those, I didn’t fit the bill. again sigh.

But you know, it’s really quite mean of you two have the first gay women that look like gay women (Lauren, you know I love you, but you could have come out of the set of the L Word), and also have the first leg go to IRELAND FOR THE FIRST TIME. And not only that, to Innishmore.

My haven. My second home. The boat ride I willingly take any chance I get despite usually puking the entire way across Galway Bay. The place I love so much I wrote a frickin’ show about it. (and, if you happen to be in the pool, the answer to this week’s bonus question is in that document…somewhere)

Down right mean, yo.

Click below to keep reading my take on this episode.

Anyways, let’s talk about the race instead of my petulance. So there are some new teams…

Kynt and Vyxsin

Love ’em already. I know some people found the “Fairies on the Ferry!” line a bit annoying, but I can’t hold it against ’em since Eric and I said the same thing when we were on a ferry in Ireland.

I think these dudes are going to go far (and, as soon as I say that, they’ll fail miserably).  They’re used to being outsiders, they’re tenacious.  And, secretly, I’d like them to get far enough to do a water challenge (maybe the mud challenge will suffice next week?) to where they’re face gets wet, and see if my prediction is correct that, when emerging from said water, they will resemble Tammy Faye Baker circa 1983, breaking down in an emotional mess of runny mascara after saving a congregation full of heathens.

Well, I can dream.

Jennifer and Nathan

Couple in conflict, look no further.  Here they are.  It’s only fitting that they’re donkey immobilizied itself and brayed in place for awhile, because listening to them fight was pretty much the same thing.  These type of couples have a history of (unfortunately for viewers’ ears) sticking around for awhile, so we’ll see what happens.

Ronald and Christina

I’m not sure there was anything better than watching Ronald mangle “Danny Boy” while riding a bike across a high-wire stretched across the North Atlantic.


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